Virtual worlds for collaboration and education


We now have the tech to connect all the concerned habitants of the planet

to solve the pressing problems of our time.

Yes, we are building a permanent virtual world  – a parallell universe really,

designed for sharing, for teaching and learning, coordination of efforts and to experiment on how to change real world.

1. Personal well-being

Mental strengths, self-compassion, focused attention, science of happiness, emotional intelligence and social skills.

2. Societal well-being

Skills training in the areas of employability, social entrepreneurship, mentoring solutions for improving integration motivating and tapping into cognitive surplus with areas for experimentation on improving society.

3. Global Collaboration platform

HFU help people earn a basic livelihood, facilitate global grassroots and organisation collaboration by providing the infrastructure for solving the pressing problems of our time.

Fueled by Compassion and Kindness

The underlying game mechanics is developed by leading international experts on human behavior and human flourishing.

Releasing the power of global cognitive surplus

To create a hope-filled antidote to despair and fear

Leading scientists, creative thinkers and innovation experts have been challenged:
show us that a different world is possible

change the rules of interaction, the reward systems and the function of the economy to stimulate

Hope, kindness and compassion

by experimenting with the underlying game-mechanics in a virtual world